Shamanism: FAQ

Shamanism, according to the dictionary, is the animistic religion of northern Asia,
embracing a belief in powerful spirits that can be influenced only by Shamans; And other similar religions.  The word Shaman was first observed in 1780, by Western researchers working among herding tribes of Northern and Central Asia.  The word specifically comes from the Tungus-speaking
people of Siberia.  Although there is no way to say for certain when this word descended onto Earth, it has been speculated that it is more than two millennia old.  Use of the word Shaman greatly increased after 1900, reaching a peak in popularity around the year 2000.  Many attribute this to the raise in popularity of the "New Age Movement".  

What is Shamanism?

Potion Profile: Bravery

When I was a child I was plagued with nightmares.  Many times the nightmares followed me into the waking hours.  I was terrified to walk into dark areas of our home, I saw things in the shadows, and every night until I was about six I would end up in my parents bed sometime in the middle of the night.  My father would insist that our house could not be haunted because we were the first to live in it, and my mother would try to help me deal with these fears to no avail.  From the stand point of an adult I now understand that I was ill on a vibrational level with fear.  The more afraid I became, the more I brought into my reality things to make me afraid.

I had nearly forgotten all about this time of my life until my 3rd child started experiencing the same symptoms as I at that period in my life.  Still I had no idea what to do about this problem, so like my mother before me, I allowed him to flee to my room to feel safer.  Then my fourth child started

Being an Indigo: The Keepers

The keepers (our children) also known as the Crystal Children, began arriving on the planet around 2004.  This is the next phase after the Originals that you can read about here, and the Warriors that you can read about here.  And chances are, if you're reading about this right now, you fit into one of these groups.

At the time of this writing that would mean that the majority of the Keepers on the planet are under the age of about 12 years old.

I call these children the Keepers because that's what they do.  They are the keepers of the old ways and are in a sense reteaching us.  They design their realities with an ease that many Elder witches would revel at.  They are very good energy workers and will easily heal the wounds their Warrior parents transmute.  The Keepers are very wise, far beyond their years, and

Being an Indigo: The Warriors

The Indigos are seen as a brand new type of human, one the planet has never seen before.  But is that really what we are looking at?  Are we actually new??

My official answer is No.  And I'm not calling us Indigos anymore either. (although you will find all the articles here listed under "Indigo" I'm only using that term for new comers.)   We are the Warriors.

Before us came the Originals, read about them here.  The Originals throughout history have come in groups arriving every other decade, with some stragglers coming in between.  Each generation creates the next group of Originals.  Until the group taking power in the 1960's that is.  They have been the largest and most powerful group of Originals to date; and they created something almost new.

We are the Warriors, commonly called Indigos.  We exhibit a blue violet aura on most days, and the most indicative difference from our parents is our vibratory rates.  We hold these higher vibrations than the previous generations of Originals because they created us, molded us, wished for us.  We started arriving in the late 70's and early 80's with a later portion

How to use Potions For a Vibratory Illness

Wisdom and Creation's Potions can be extremely useful for anyone, including infants, pregnant women, and pets.  These potions are actually made of the vibration and essence of something rather than the actual ingredient.
This means that they are the herbal equivalent version of homeopathic remedies.  They generally only treat vibratory illnesses.

What is a vibratory illness?  A vibratory illness is when your frequencies are low, and perhaps you're even experiencing an energetic block.  This seems to effect emotions, and moods more than anything physical, However, if the problem is prolonged it can start effecting the physical body as well.  Much like a homeopathic treatment, a very diluted dose is taken when the subject matches a specific profile.  The remedy works by gently adjusting the frequency in the subject's energy body, restoring them to a higher vibration.  In real time this might look something like: Two kids constantly bantering at one another and then after Bonds